Do you deliver to my area?
We are currently only delivering to these areas. We will be expanding our delivery zones soon. Bear with us!

Can you deliver on a different day?
We are currently only delivering on Wednesdays. However please do get in touch and we can try and accommodate. 

What time will you deliver my order?
We do all of our deliveries on Wednesday between 9am and 5pm. Please make sure someone's in to receive it.

I have dietary requirements. Can you accommodate?
Please email us about your dietary requirements before placing your order at yoghurt@toumandtahini.com

I have an allergy!
Our kitchen cannot guarantee that any of our dishes can be free of any trace of allergen. For example, we use sesame in our yoghurt and although we take great care to keep it separate from other ingredients, anyone with a sesame allergy should be aware that the kitchen is not totally allergen free.

How long can I keep the fatteh?
If unopened, you can keep the fatteh for up to 7 days. Once opened, consume within 3 days.

Can you cater my party?
We do cater events and are happy to discuss any requirements with you. Please email us to yoghurt@toumandtahini.com

How do I prepare my fatteh?
All of our fattehs come with recipe guides and you can find them online here.