Step by step

1 — Take the yoghurt out of the fridge at least 30 mins before using, bringing it to room temperature. This makes all the difference in taste. 

2 — Decant your chickpeas and/or chicken into a pan, add a splash of water and heat gently until warmed through - making sure not to reduce the sauce. 

3 — Pick a bowl, ideally one with a flat base and spread the bread in it. We always prefer a smaller bowl to a larger one as you don’t want the bread to be spread too thin.

4 — Spread the warmed chickpeas and/or chicken on top of the bread, including the liquid, covering entirely. 

5 — Spread the yoghurt on top, covering entirely.

6 — Garnish the fatteh with the chilli powder, parsley and fried chickpeas

7 — Drizzle the olive oil and enjoy your fatteh!